Guided bicycle tours: What is in the Package?

We all have heard of cycle tours. These tours are what professional cyclists and also those who cycle love to do for fun. The bike tours are meant to challenge the cyclists to polish their skills. For those who ride for fun, by going on a cycling tour, they will visit new places, interact with different cultures, do team building and also improve their biking experience.

Now, if you’re interested in bike tours, you have decided what kind of bike tours you’re interested in joining. There are self-guided tours and the guided cycle holidays. If you want a more organised and fun cycle tour, go for the guided cycling holiday. There many advantages of participating in a supervised cycling holiday. This article will look at what is included when it comes to guided bicycle touring.

Full accommodation services

When going on a cycling tour, most of this trips can take a few days to weeks. Therefore, you need to know where you will be sleeping, what to eat and so on. For self-guided bike tours, you have to take care of all this by yourself which included carrying tents, cooking stoves etc. and this can be stressing, and you will not enjoy the tour. However, with guided cycling holidays, everything will be done for you. They will look for accommodations, provide dinners, breakfast and more for your needs. It means that your only work is to ride as everything else is being taken care of by the organising company.

Rental Bikes

The guided tours come with many advantages. For example, if you are in Adelaide and want to go on a biking tour in Europe, it can be a challenge to carry your bike with you. It is where cycle tour organisers come in handy since they offer rental bike services and so you need not worry about taking your bike.

Detailed Route Planning

When planning a cycling holiday, the route is critical, and it needs to be decided before the big day. Getting a safe route that will challenge the cyclists and also one that is strategically located for easy access to accommodations and great views is not easy. However, if you opt to go on a guided cycling holiday, the experts have the experience and will be able to come up with a cycling route that will fit everyone’s needs. They have been doing this for so long, and so they know what cyclists want and will provide just that.

Other services offered by bicycle touring organisers that make the holiday successful and fun includes, offering knowledgeable travel guide riding with group, admissions and tours according to the program, luggage transport from hotel to hotel, tour description, travel materials etc. Therefore, by registering with a cycle tour organiser like Bike Odyssey, you are sure of flawless biking experience.