Drain Cleaning – How To Remove Clogs From Your Drainage Systems

Many homeowners find that they have many drain clogs on their sinks, tubs, or in their main sewer line. As a result, they often find that they need a professional plumber to come out and do drain cleaning for them. However, many people do not realize that several different types of drain clogs could be affecting your drainage system and that drain cleaning is necessary to avoid many of these issues down the line. According to Hydro-Jet-Drain-Cleaning-Adelaide, drainage clogs occur when dirt, leaves, hair, food particles, or other debris weigh down your pipes, causing them to be less able to discharge waste materials safely. It is commonly known as slow-moving pipes syndrome, and it is something you want to avoid since it can lead to major plumbing problems in your home.

In some cases, drain cleaning may be a matter of clearing away any buildup on your drains and pipes. For example, if you find that you have a tree root growing up in one of your pipelines, you can easily clear that out by removing the tree root. Even small pieces of debris can become a big problem if left in your pipes for too long. However, there are other kinds of problems that you might encounter if you don’t get professional hydro jetting services to take care of the problem. For example, some of the newer water heaters in residences use what are called high-pressure water heaters that require the use of larger than normal diameter pipes, so they also require drain cleaning to prevent damage to your pipes.

When you have drain cleaning problems, you need to make sure that your plumber fixes the problem correctly the first time. For example, having a large piece of debris get stuck in your sewer line can cause severe problems with your heating system. This type of incident is what is commonly referred to as a “snake drain”. If you see a snake drain or otherwise feel that your plumbing system is leaking, you should immediately consult a professional plumber.

Before your Hydro-Jet-Drain-Cleaning-Adelaide plumber begins hydro-jetting your drain, he will need to wash out your drainage system thoroughly. It includes emptying all of the pipes and outlets in your home and then cleaning them using chemicals. After which, your drain cleaning contractor will re-install your sewer line, clean out all of the piping and drains, and then refill all of your sinks and toilets with new water. The hydro-jetting process, which is often quite messy, can take several hours and sometimes require more than one plumber.

In cases where you have drain cleaning problems that involve grease buildup, you might first want to try to deal with the grease yourself. Some people try to manually remove grease from their toilets, sinks, and showers by throwing them down their toilets or commodes. While this can sometimes work, it usually leads to even more blockage and mess. For this reason, many plumbers suggest that you first hydro-jet your clogs using a jet pressure washer. It is a much cleaner and gentler alternative to manually removing grease buildup from your plumbing system.

If neither of these techniques works in your case, or if the clogs are too severe for either of them, it might be necessary to use a more powerful drain cleaning machine such as a hydro jetting machine or a high-pressure air compressor. A gasoline engine powers these, so they aren’t as portable as regular jetting machines. However, they do make for very efficient plumbing, cleaning and repair tasks. Once your Hydro-Jet-Drain-Cleaning-Adelaide plumbing system is properly hydro-jetted, you will not have to worry about removing clogs anymore. All you have to do is make sure that all of your drainage fixtures are clear of debris and that nothing obstructs water flow in your pipes.