TENS Machine – Is It A Safe Option?

What exactly is a TENS machine? TENS is an abbreviation for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is a non-invasive treatment that delivers mild, short-term electrical current to the muscles to alleviate pain. A tiny, lightweight, self-contained hand-held device generates the electrical current and leads the current to adhesive pads that adhere to the forces. A person feels tingling, warmth, relief, and even comfort.

Patients can experience relief from pain when using a tens machine. When patients receive electric pulses with their fingertips, they can feel relief from muscle pain and tightness. TENS machines provide this kind of relief without invasive procedures and can be used on patients of all ages.

TENS-machineThe process that a tens machine goes through is similar to what happens in pricking. The skin is first numbed, and then the electrodes are placed into the skin with the electrical impulses. The current is then delivered by the tens unit’s lead wires to the targeted area, providing temporary relief of pain. A healthcare professional must place TENS electrodes because the process is a bit messy. The patient may not feel tingling immediately but will experience the warmth and minor discomfort over time.

As you look for a TENS machine for pain treatment, it is essential to make sure you purchase the right one for your situation. You should talk to your doctor or therapist about the benefits and risks of the product to learn more about how it will work for you and how it will benefit you. Some of the benefits include:

If you have chronic pain, this type of relief is ideal because it can maintain your daily activities while receiving the temporary relief of pain you need. Because the TENS unit delivers continuous electrical impulses, there is not a period of time where the patient feels no effects. This makes the unit safe to use for anyone of any age, including children. Using a tens machine provides a natural and secure way to reduce chronic pain without experiencing any side effects.

If you suffer from heart disease or other medical conditions, you may want to consider using a TENS machine instead of undergoing surgery. When you undergo surgery, there is always the chance to receive an electric shock or, worse, die. Not everyone is a good candidate for this type of procedure. If you undergo a procedure that does not use electricity, you can risk losing some of your feelings as well. When you purchase a TENS unit and use it under the supervision of a physiotherapist, you can receive relief without the risk of losing your feeling completely.