How to Take and Pass the Learner’s Test in Western Australia

After completing drivers’ education, Western Australia requires all new drivers to pass a knowledge test and a driving skills test before becoming eligible for licensing. The candidate can choose to take the tests separately or together. This article describes the process of taking the tests in detail, including tips that could be useful when studying for the tests.

The learners test in WA assesses the candidate’s knowledge of road rules and good driving practices to ensure they are ready for licensing. The following steps must be completed to take this test:

  1. Booking the Test – Candidates can book a learner’s test online or by phone, but it is best to book at a driver’s licensing agency in person.
  2. Knowledge Test – Candidates are required to read the official list of questions and answers to prepare themselves for the multiple-choice section of the test.
  3. The Driving Skills Test – This is where the candidate will go over their driving skills with an assessor, using a checklist of specific items that must be completed.

To successfully pass the knowledge test, candidates must obtain an 80% or higher score on each category and a final score of at least 90%. Once all categories have been passed, candidates will move on to the driving skills test. The following steps are taken during the driving skills assessment:

  1. A vehicle is provided for the test. The candidate will demonstrate their ability to perform basic tasks safely, such as changing lanes, merging into traffic, passing other vehicles, reversing into a parking spot and stopping.
  2. The examiner will then check whether the candidate can demonstrate knowledge of specific road rules by asking them questions about general driving practices (for example, “What must you do when you are driving on the road with multiple lanes?”).
  3. The candidate will then be asked to demonstrate the ability to drive in certain conditions (for example, driving in heavy traffic at 60 kph), which mimics real-world scenarios.
  4. Lastly, the examiner will ask the candidate some questions to test their understanding of the road rules (for example, “What is the speed limit in an 80 kph zone?”).

If you don’t pass one or both parts on your first attempt, you can book another day to re-sit. If you fail, three times the Department will charge approximately $50 per further test.

Furthermore, you will need to book and sit the learner’s test again if:

  • you are under 25 years old unless you have held an open licence for at least five years
  • you have had your license suspended or revoked for 12 months or more
  • you have ever had a P1 disqualification within the last three years.

If any of the above apply, it is advisable to book and sit the test as soon as possible. The learner’s test fee is $75.00, and the Driving Test is $60.00, which can take up to 90 days to receive a date for re-assessment at RTOs (Road Transport Offices).

There are many online and printed materials available to help candidates prepare for the knowledge test. Still, it should be no surprise that these resources don’t always reflect the current road rules. An advantage of taking a driver’s education course is that it provides learners with an official guide to help them study and better pass the test on their first try.