Espadrilles: Fashionable Women’s That Bring Out a Trendy Look

With the coming of age and with the ever-increasing trends and fashions, it is not surprising that the women’s shoe industry has also changed its trendsetters. Women’s s shoes, both for casual wear and formal day to day use, have gone through tremendous changes and evolutions. The women’s shoe industry is thriving like never before. One can find a wide variety of shoes in the market for every kind of occasion and purpose. There are shoes for casual use for the spring season, office wear for the office and smart formal wear for parties and social functions. So, the question, what is Espadrilles?

Earlier, there were just a few styles and designs available in the market, but now things have become so exciting. One could find almost any design, material and colour they want in their shoes. They could even get replicas of the famous French designers’ designs such as Christian Louboutin, Gucci, and Prada. These brands became known internationally through well-known fashion designers, celebrities and actors.

The women’s shoe industry has not only changed its designs, but they have also brought out different types and kinds of patterns in them. Today one could find all kinds of patterns in boots. These boots are available for the summer and winter seasons and come in different designs and colours. The most popular among these is the classic boot, which comes in different colours such as black, brown, cream, pink and white and is ideal for wearing with any outfit. So, the question, what are espadrilles?

One of the most popular shoes is mules, which is a type of high-heeled sandal. The women’s shoe industry has come up with many different types of mules depending upon their style, and the time they need to be worn. The basic difference in the mules is their height. Mules for the office are designed to look elegant, while parties are meant to be wild and funky. If you want to wear the pair on a casual day, choose the ones with flaps, while for formal occasions, choose the ones that come with a pointed toe.

Wedges are another type of footwear used by women of today. These are very comfortable to wear and provide maximum comfort. The wedges come with a large toe box and have a very high heel. The toe area of wedges is much bigger than that of other types of shoes. There are different kinds of styles available in the shoes, such as slip-on, slip off sandals, closed-toe sandals, open toe sandals, platforms, slingback sandals and many more. So, the question, what is Espadrilles?

Slippers are another kind of footwear that can bring about a fashionable style in women’s shoes. This is the most comfortable footwear as well as fashionable footwear to wear. They come with a flat bottom, which means that it is very comfortable. Some of these slippers’ best varieties include the laces up, the laces down, platform, open toe, and many others. To make them even more fashionable, you can buy brightly coloured slippers to match your dress.