Three Surprising Reasons Why You Need a Bamboo Weighted Blanket

If you’re thinking about trying out the deep pressure therapy that a weighted blanket offers to help ease insomnia, treat anxiety, and de-stress, you’re not alone. Replicating a soft, warm hug, the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket is found to calm the nervous system and promote better sleep. While there are many types of weighted blankets available out there, some prove to be quite warm. So, making a shift to a bamboo weighted blanket can prove to be a revelation of astounding proportions. Here are five surprising benefits that you’ll get from using a weighted bamboo blanket for anxiety and sleep:


Helps You Stay ‘Cool’


Many weighted blankets use thick fabrics such as Minky Dot fleece. While it may be warm and cozy, cotton doesn’t breathe well and tend to retain heat, making it very uncomfortable later on. Cotton is a naturally breathable and cool option, but bamboo is even better because it is more absorbent. It’s among the most effective materials available out there for retaining moisture from the skin. It also allows moisture to evaporate much quicker than cotton, preventing it from sticking to the skin. These are all factors that help you stay clean, dry, and fresh.


Good for All Seasons


Bamboo has a thermo-regulating feature – a process which helps your body maintain its core internal temperature. So apart from its natural cooling mechanism, bamboo weighted blankets will also keep you warm during the cold months by trapping air in its fibres. It can also adjust accordingly, cooling you down during the summer months as well. This feature makes bamboo weighted blankets a great option to use all year round.


 Bamboo Fabrics Are Soft


If you’re sceptical about bamboo weighted blankets, thinking that it might feel a little rough, you ought to know that bamboo viscose or lyocell is very comfortable. Many weighted blanket users are starting to prefer bamboo for its softer and silkier fabrics. They even claim that it’s much better than cotton variants. Furthermore, bamboo fabrics are anti-static and can drape well around your body. That way, you don’t need to worry about any clinging.


Switch to Bamboo Weighted Blankets



If you’ve already started using weighted blankets and aren’t seeing any difference from your original quilt, you might want to make a switch to a bamboo weighted blanket. It’s much better across the board and can give you a great experience.