Getting the Results You Desire Through a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Abdominoplastic surgery or “tummy tuck” surgery is a common cosmetic surgical procedure used to create the stomach less firm and thinner. The surgery entails removing fat and excess skin from both the upper and lower stomach, usually to tighten the connective tissue and muscle of the lower abdominal wall. Excess skin is removed to provide a flat and trim tummy. The skin is then folded over and stitched into place to help with support and shape. This tummy tuck Adelaide procedure will produce a smaller waistline and will also make the waist area stronger.

Some of the typical cosmetic surgical procedures involving tummy tuck surgery include removing fat deposits and skin by liposuction, an ultrasound device to determine the size of the abdomen, and stitches to close the incision. A new incision is made in the navel area to remove any pockets or “voids” that may have developed after the surgery. These “voids” are excess skin, fat, and possibly muscle. Tummy tucks can also be performed using the traditional open approach, where the surgeon inserts a hollow tube called a “diverticulum” into the anus and collects the excess waste and other matter from the digestive tract during the procedure. These tubes are later removed via stitches.

tummy-tuck-adelaideWhen thinking about getting a tummy tuck surgery, you will most likely follow a long and drawn out procedure. Duration can take anywhere from four to eight hours to perform this procedure, depending on how much work needs to be done. It can require general anesthesia; however, local anesthesia may be prescribed as it is an invasive procedure. You will most likely be under a general anesthetic while your stomach is being reduced in size. A small amount of temporary bruising and swelling will occur, but these should subside within a day or two.

During your tummy tuck Adelaide surgery, you may have some bruising or discolouration that you will need time to heal. Most patients are sent home with a message that they should keep the incisions clean and avoid picking at the wounds. Follow your surgeon’s advice for a few weeks after the procedure to keep the incisions clean and free of infection. Stable weight loss can usually resume within a week or so. At approximately ten per cent of your normal body weight, most patients will need to maintain a stable weight for the remainder of their life.

Tummy tucks are performed on both men and women, and the procedure varies slightly for each patient. Men often experience a decrease in waist size, a reduction in fat around the belly, and tightness in the pubic area. Women may experience a decrease in waist size (and possibly a reduction in the appearance of the belly), weight loss, a flattening of the abdomen, and tightening of the upper legs. In addition to the effects of a tummy tuck surgery on your general appearance, your results will also be affected by the position in which you get the procedure. Suppose you perform your tummy tuck surgery undergoing a tummy tuck surgery in the middle of your abdomen. In that case, you will most likely experience a more drastic change than if you had it performed on the side of your abdomen.

Many plastic surgeons strongly recommend that you invest in a high-quality tummy tuck Adelaide procedure to help you achieve the results you want. While plastic surgery is not ideal, especially in terms of safety, it is still one of the best ways to achieve your desired body. Ensure that you make an educated decision regarding whether you want to go through a tummy tuck surgery. If you work with a surgeon you trust, you will be more likely to have a positive and successful surgical experience. Remember that you will be investing your time, money, and your health to look your best.