How to Properly Prepare For Your Wood Floor Cleaning

Sanding wood floors is an incredibly satisfying DIY project. However, with the right preparations, wood South Australia floor sanding from even a small home can be very little more than an afternoon project. This does not mean, however, that you should ignore the task at all. If you are serious about your hard work, then make sure that you follow the tips in this article to the letter!

Before you begin the actual sanding, be sure to pick up some sandpaper. I recommend that you purchase a set of three (the more expensive models will have four) so that you have plenty of sandpaper lying around for emergencies. If you do not already have sandpaper, you will want to purchase some at your local hardware store as well. It is also a good idea to get a small brush and some sandpaper pads for your sandpaper.

south-australia-floor-sandingMake sure that you are ready to start sanding your floor before you begin using your sandpaper. Before beginning sanding, make sure that all dust from the floor has settled. You should also ensure that there is no moisture or water on the floor. Once you have done this, you should put the floor back into place. In many cases, you will be able to slide the floor back under the carpet, which is a great way to keep the floor dry and clean.

When you are ready to begin South Australia floor sanding, turn your attention to the top of the floor. This will require you to use more sandpaper than on the remainder of the floor. While there is a wide variety of sandpaper available to the home shopper, you will want to select sandpaper that suits the style of your hardwood.

Before you begin sanding, you should take the time to wipe the sandpaper off of the area that you are sanding. Doing this will make your work much easier and prevent any dust from getting into the machine that will make it difficult for you to complete the work. The next step in sanding wood floors is to apply sand to the floor in a downward motion. Be sure to sand the floor on both sides of the floor at the same time. This will allow you to sand the floor evenly without having too much sand to sand in one direction or the other. After the initial South Australia floor sanding has been completed, you should allow the floor to sit for a period of time before proceeding.

As the sandpaper gets dirty with dirt, it is essential to remove the sandpaper from the area by wiping it with a cloth. Be sure that the dust from the cloth is swept away from the floor and never allowed to touch the floor once it has been wiped clean. Remember, you are doing this to protect your floor and your furniture and the floor.