Pros & Cons of DIY Gutter Guard Systems

Let’s admit it- as much effort it may bring to our lives, we still love doing things our way. That’s why when it comes to installing protection for our roof gutters, we also tend to take matters into our own hands. Do-it-yourself gutter guards are doable and can reel in many benefits. However, at the same time, we also have to consider its downsides to come up with a better decision on how to deal with our gutters.



Here are some of the pros and cons of DIY gutter guards, categorised accordingly to the most common types of gutter guards you’re going to install:


Foam Gutter Guard


  • Pro: Foam gutter guard is arguably the easiest way to establish a protection system for your gutter. All you have to do is insert the already cut pieces of foam inside your gutters and viola! Work complete.


  • Con: Roof debris can quickly get stuck in the foam system, which slows down the water flow. Moreover, the foam’s effectiveness easily deteriorates, prompting you to replace it with a new one every few Gutter Guards


Mesh Gutter Guard


  • Pro: Easy installation. A mesh gutter guard can easily keep leaves out of your gutter system. Also, it fits in nicely with most gutters and is hidden from the ground, making your gutter system look clean and well-maintained.


  • Con: Large holes in your mesh gutter guard can easily get clogged by leaves and other debris, which will slow down water flow. Because of this, it requires regular quarterly maintenance to keep functioning effectively.


Screen Gutter Guard


  • Pro: Preferred by the majority of homeowners because of its durability. Some varieties of screen gutter guards are powder-coated and can effortlessly snap into the gutters without having to install additional attachment screws or support arches. Screen gutter guards are also easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance.


  • Cons: Similar to mesh gutter guards, small debris can quickly pile up and clog the entire system, which will force the homeowner to regularly check and conduct maintenance cleaning to keep the screen gutter guard clean and debris-free. Moreover, some bristles may overlap and be visible on the ground, which isn’t aesthetically pleasing to see.


Choose Your Ideal DIY Gutter Guard


Do-it-yourself gutter guards are popular here in Australia. Most Aussies prefer to install and maintain their gutter guard system. However, if you’re not among the lot who love DIY, you can always call your local gutter installation services firm for some assistance.