Three Benefits of Going Solar

In today’s day and age, people are transitioning towards solar energies more and more. They’ve come to realise the extreme benefits that it provides and is now taking advantage it as much as they can. In the latest survey, it has been found that the Australian market grew up to 80% in the past two years alone (2017-2018). So what are these advantages that are attracting the entire Australian populace into solar energy submission? Here are three main benefits of solar energy to give you a hint of just how amazing it is:


1.) Save Thousands of Money


According to studies, adding solar Adelaide panel to your home can result in monthly savings averaging of up to AU$200 in many regions. That means if we extend this into two decades worth of savings from using solar energy, then we can see a savings of up to AU$60,000. In Adelaide, residents are saving on average AU$120,000 for the first 20 years! You don’t even have to do the math. That’s lots of money that you can save right there.



2.) You Can Start Saving From Day One


With the popularity of solar Adelaide as a clean power source, features such as purchase power agreement (PPA) and solar leasing are now available. That means homeowners can now go solar for little to no money down. You can also choose a “pay-as-you-go” financing option. That means a solar energy provider will own the whole system and will also handle the entire installation, maintenance, repairs, and monitoring. All you need to do is pay the solar provider to get the solar electricity that you need, which is much less than what you would’ve paid for a standard utility company.


3.) Low Payback Period


Choosing to pay in cash means the payback period is going to be lesser than ten years. In Adelaide, it would take homeowners an average of five years before the monthly saving meets with the total costs of their solar energy system. Having a low payback period means you can potentially have all the time in the world to pay your monthly solar electricity without having to break the bank in the process. So not only do you have a functional electricity source, but you will also save some money in the long run.


Choose Solar Adelaide Now!


There’s just a lot to love about solar energy. It’s clean, extremely efficient, and can even provide you with an abundant energy source without having to spend too much. For Aussie homeowners, it’s a commodity that you should take advantage all the time. So if you haven’t gone solar, it’s about time you do.