What to Consider When Buying Security Screen Doors

If you are considering pest-proofing your property and increasing your home security, then you better check into security screen doors. We are living in a world where there are many insecurities and a day almost never seems to go by without us hearing about a break-in in the neighbourhood. Therefore, you need to keep your home safe by installing security doors. Besides security, we also need proper ventilation in our homes, and this is where the screen doors come in. With screen doors, you get adequate ventilation while still keeping the pesky insects and pests out. Therefore, if you are looking for security, sufficient ventilation and you also want to keep the pests and insects away from your house, consider heritage security screen doors Adelaide.

Since not all security screen doors are the same regarding functionality and security, you need to be careful when you’re in the market for a security screen door. You need to be sure that the door you are getting will suit all your needs with no compromises. This article will look at a few things to consider before buying a security screen door.

Australian Standards Security Test

When buying a security screen door, you need to be sure that you are getting a door that meets Australian standards. You should be sure that you are making a worthy investment as the door will stand the test of time. To meet national security standards, the door must be rust-proof and with a substantial frame. The security door will also be made in accordance to fire safety standards and insect protection.


Homeowners have different tastes, and this is why you need to consider your house décor before ordering your security screen door. You have to make sure that you are getting a door that matches the décor of your home – i.e., colour. The best dealer will offer you unlimited colours which means that it is easy to get a security screen door that matches your needs. If you get the wrong colour, your security screened entry will not complement the existing décor and will look out of place.


When buying heritage security screen doors Adelaide, it is essential to get a warranty. A warranty shows that the dealer believes in their products and thereby unafraid to offer repair or replacement in case of a malfunction within the warranty period. Also, the warranty is a sound proof that you’re getting quality screen doors. Therefore, before you order, make sure your purchase is worthy of the investment. Be sure that you get a warranty.